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One Heart. One Voice. One Talent At A Time.

Dear Sponsors, Founder Club Members, Volunteers, Family & Friends,

This is the time of year when we pause to express our thanks. With your support, Music Movement has changed the lives of thousands of individuals living with ASD and other learning differences through the power of music-centric programs this year. The need is great, and we honor you for helping make a difference: One Heart. One Voice. One Talent At A Time.

We have reached some exciting milestones this year.

  • Music Movement has provided grants of over $500,000 to date

  • We have funded new music therapy programs in 12 hospitals across the country

  • We have issued grants to 21 individuals for therapy and instruments

  • We have provided a grant to the Riverside Unified School District to help grow and sustain their programs in more than 50 schools

  • We have maintained our goal of managing overhead to ensure 86 cents of every dollar donated directly funds our programs

And your generosity can make an even greater impact this season. The positive impacts of music therapy can help to address many aspects of development such as communication challenges, social skills, behavioral concerns, motor skills and speech.  Nonverbal children often find their voice and channels of expression through singing, dancing, playing an instrument, and listening to music.  

Please consider joining our Founders Club (if you haven’t yet) or making a donation this holiday season so that we can help relieve some of the enormous financial burden families face and to make therapy resources readily available. Just visit this link to make your tax deductible donation.  

Thank you for being a part of our Music Movement community, and for your continued commitment to changing lives for the better. We wish you a wonderful Holiday Season!

With Gratitude,

Stacie D’Agostino

President & Founder


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