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Our Stories & Testimonials

Learn how Music Movement is impacting lives everyday.

Stories of Impact​


Music Movement has had the pleasure of working with some incredible organizations and families. It is incredibly heartwarming to receive these Thank You Letters from our giving partners! We send our love and appreciation right back!  We invite you to learn more, apply, and refer deserving schools and individuals to help us make a difference in these communities.

My Possibilities Letter & Testimonial


Music Movement has had the pleasure of working with some incredible organizations and families.

Brianna Shaffer's Testimonial


"KiDA (Kids Institute for Development and Advancement) would like to thank Stacie Woolf and Music Movement for empowering children with Autism through their generous donation of musical instruments."

CHOC Letter & Testimonial


Music Movement foundation provides Music Therapy CHOC Children's Foundation.

April Copeland's Testimonial


"This program teaches so much more than cognitive function, social interaction, behavioral skills and music skills although we certainly benefit from all of those things.  It has also taught them determination, the reward of learning and patience with themselves."

Heslei Fomin's Testimonial​


Music Movement foundation provides Music Therapy for David Fomin & kids with autism.


Make A Donation


The Music Movement is only as strong as those who support it. Every donation directly funds our programs that serve youth and adults living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and IDD (Intellectual Development Disorders).

Our Testimonials

“We could not provide the level of care that we do without the consistent generous support from music-movement. The power of music therapy within a pediatric medical setting is life changing for patients and their families. During a music therapy session, the music has the ability to let the children be children, not just patients. Also through music therapy we can empower patients to share their story, stress, worries, and hopes. Thank you for all you do for the patients and families here at CHOC Children's. 

The ability to provide a patient with an instrument upon discharge is such a wonderful gift and opportunity for them to continue on their journey of healing and expression. We would not be able to do that without the instruments provided to us by music-movement. Many times these patients can no longer play the sports they used to play, or be in the school play. So being able to provide them with another means of empowerment and self-expression is so important not only for the patients, but for the family as well.”
Thank you,
Eric Mammen 
Children’s Hospital Orange County, CA
Creative Art Supervisor


"Thank you so very much. I cannot say this enough! The gift of music therapy is going to give my son a whole new dimension to his life. He loves working with Beth and I believe this is going to help him work through his anxiety."

“Our son still enjoys music therapy and is getting better at hand eye coordination! We just had a session this morning and his sister joined and he loved copying and including her.” 

“When our son was diagnosed with Autism, it was a challenging time to say the least. We started other therapies and when I learned about music therapy, I knew it would be a good fit for him. He loves music. It motivates him and when he hears it he gets so engaged. Unfortunately, my family wasn't able to provide music therapy for my son at the time so I put it I out of my mind. 
A year or so later I read the Music Advantage by Anita Collins and what I read confirmed what I was feeling. He would benefit greatly from music therapy and music learning. So I began searching for grants to help us pay for his therapy and that's when I found Music Movement. 
I contacted a certified music therapist in my area and scheduled an initial consultation. Even thought I was excited to finally begin music therapy, I was a little hesitant at first because he works so very hard and already has many hours of therapy a week. 
He had his first session with music therapist and it was a success. 
It usually takes him some time to get used to his therapists, but not Katie he was engaged with all her the whole time…his face wore such a big, brighter smile, I knew I had made the right decisions. He loves working with the guitar. It's his favorite. During music therapy he vocalize, sustains focus and is so happy. 
I'm so thankful for Music Movement because we're able to help him become more independent and foster his love of music, which will help him in some many vital ways.
Thank you once again.”

“In these pictures my son is playing the sticks which he absolutely loves. We usually play the sticks up high in the air, down low, fast then slow, on the floor as you see here, and we also let him take the lead and we play his way. He does all of this without missing a beat.” 

“Music therapy has provided those we support with a new opportunity that may not otherwise be available to them due to financial limitations. The sessions have provided participants the opportunity to communicate through music, decrease stress and anxiety and increase overall well-being. 
Funding support from Music Movement will go towards the cost of the provision of music therapists for group classes for school-aged youth. Medicaid Funding does cover this type of funding. Music Therapy is among the many important unfunded opportunities for people with disabilities that AIM Services’ fundraising efforts ensures. As the organization continues to grow, community support is integral to the provision of these impactful, life-altering, program opportunities for children, teenagers, and young adults with disabilities.”
Program Director, AIM Services, NY

“This is a recent playbill from the Westhampton Performing Arts Center. Anna has been featured as a “Spotlight Student”. She will be in every playbill for the remainder of the season. Words cannot express how grateful we are for the opportunity you have given to Anna. She has truly found her passion!” 
Thanks again,
Patty Tuzzolo 

“My son has a severe speech impairment and articulation issue that requires intense speech and occupational therapy.   The aide provided by Music Movement has helped him to continue to work on and master several goals with his therapists and teachers.  He is now able to recognize his name in a group with 3-4 names, recognizes when something is missing or out of place, matches upper case letters of the alphabet in his name, can identify basic shapes (triangle, square, circle) and counting and matching numbers to 10. Music is helping him to proudly learn to loudly sing his ABCs, which is music to our ears!   Socially, he is now engaging other children in his play (tag you’re it – is one of his favorite phrases) whereas before he would play alone.  His expressive vocabulary has grown exponentially this past school year and he is now saying 3–5-word phrases.”  
Thank you!!!! 

"Meet Mickey, a 15-year-old Golisano Children’s Hospital patient. He is loving Keys and Kingdoms, as he has an interest in quest games and wanted to learn how to play an instrument. He is grateful for the opportunity to learn a new skill while still being engaged in an entertaining way. This piano learning adventure has distracted him from any discomfort he may be feeling, which helps speed up recovery and boosts his mood!" 
Keys & Kingdom Grant Recipient

“My therapist is teaching me different techniques and styles and how to monitor the volume so I'm not too loud. Nathan understands how joyful music makes me feel. Nathan is working with me on piano skills which no other therapist ever did before.”
My Possibilities HIPster

Dear Music Movement,
I wanted to share that our son has completed his time in music therapy
with his provider. He is doing really well and not
struggling with the high levels of anxiety he had when I first reached
out for support. We are so very grateful that he was able to have a
year of music therapy, and we believe it was a crucial element in his
ability to reacclimate to in-person schooling and to deal with his
anxiety more successfully overall.

It is a true blessing what you have offered my family, an act of
kindness and generosity we will never forget.

Wishing you all the best.
With gratitude

“Our HIPster has been receiving music therapy for many years now through many different music therapists. He strongly benefits from music therapy at My Possibilities because it provides a safe place for him to express his stress and anger through music in the music therapy room. He is making consistent progress as evident by expressing himself through music 100% of the time with no needed prompting. He improves his piano and drum skills in his music therapy sessions. He is highly motivated when it comes to music therapy.”
Music Therapist, My Possibilities 

“I just wanted to update you on our grant usage. We have decided to use it to fund three main things: recording equipment, continuing education, and instruments. Our mobile recording studio will be used primarily to provide patients and families with heartbeat recordings of their loved ones as legacy projects. Next, have signed up for a training to address the needs of our patients with disorders of consciousness, which will be helpful in assessing and meeting the needs of our post-COVID patients. Finally, we are ordering a whole bunch of instruments that will bring joy and opportunities for musical improvisation to our patients and staff.
Thank you again so much for believing in music therapy and the change it will bring to UT Southwestern.”
Christina, UT Southwestern

“All of the things for our mobile recording studio are coming together thanks to your generous donation! I am working on editing heartbeat recordings to get them out to families whose loved ones have died. I will soon be able to record personalized relaxations for patients to listen to here at the hospital and burn onto CDs for when they go home.
Thank you again so so very much for supporting music therapy at UT Southwestern.”

“Music-Movement Foundation,
We would like to take this time to thank you for your heart of compassion, your love of music, and your awesome ability to love others and bless them with the very special gift of music. We were blown away by your generosity and the evident desire we saw in you to want to do something amazing for others. Music is a gift, and to be able to provide individuals with special needs, or others who may lack the ability to obtain instruments with this amazing opportunity is life changing. We can see in your eyes, and hear in your voice the enormous importance you place on this gift. We join you in this passion to provide this gift to as many as we can.  
Many children are blessed with an innate talent in the area of music, but often miss the opportunity to develop it.   Many have physical or developmental limitations that prevent them from experiencing it, and still others lack resources and opportunity to be engaged in this gift.  You have made it possible for so many to enjoy, develop skill, and bring a beauty into their lives that will last a life time.  You have made dreams come true. You have supported children in difficult life situation overcome using music as the driving force.  
We have always supported the use of music and real instruments in our programming, along with professionals, such as music therapists to support and develop the ability and desire in the population we serve to achieve goals, and to enhance the quality of life for many of them. Your contribution has taken our ability to a new level, with your generous donation we have been able to reach out to an increased number of children with Autism, Cerebral Palsy, developmental delays and we have seen amazing progress in the children with speech delays through utilization of all you have blessed us with.  Thanks to your foundation we are able to continue to encourage, enhance, and support these children in all areas of development utilizing music as the motivator.  You, Music-Movement Foundation are making a difference.” 
Eternally Grateful
Apple Tree

“I just want to share a blessing we have had for the past 2 years:
The foundation MUSIC MOVEMENT. They provide funding for Music Therapy to kids with autism and other special needs, who have a desire for Music and a tight budget, for a limited time, under certain conditions.
So, because of your love, prayers and hard work, Music Movement funds Masters Musicians, and our amazing son is flourishing in many ways, has decreased dramatically in behavioral outbursts, was cured of gastritis, esophagitis, 2 ulcers, has been better at roller skating, painting, surfing, riding his bicycle, swimming, horseback riding, language, has gotten better in interaction, language, better at learning new subjects, singing funny songs, etc. even teaching Brownie The Dog to sing!!
We are so blessed and grateful!!
Thank you all,
Heslei Fomin, 
A grateful father of an amazing musician, Brownie The Dog singing coach and sportsman David Fomin.”

“In the midst of this Global Pause, we paused to say a huge THANK YOU to all Music Movement supporters. Our son David turned 18 and has had major improvements in every area! Thank God for all diet, exercise, special school etc, but we know for sure Music is a key player in his live, and MM has been extremely important to his development as a young fruitful man in society. Through MM funded classes his therapists have helped him grow in his passion for the precious art of Music and develops his gifts. Thank you so much!!”

“Our son had his first session with music therapist and it was a success. 
It usually takes him some time to get used to his therapists, but not Katie…he was engaged with all her the whole time. His face wore such a big, brighter smile, I knew I had made the right decisions. He loves working with the guitar. It's his favorite. During music therapy he vocalize, sustains focus and is so happy. 
I'm so thankful for Music Movement because we're able to help our son become more independent and foster of love of music which will help him in some many vital ways.”

Make A Donation


The Music Movement is only as strong as those who support it. Every donation directly funds our programs that serve youth and adults living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and IDD (Intellectual Development Disorders).

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