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Music Therapy and Instrument Donations

Learn more about Music Movements' Music Therapy and Instrument Donations

One Heart, One Voice, One Talent At A Time

Music Therapy & Instrument Donations   


The positive impacts of Music Therapy can help to address many aspects of development such as communication challenges, social skills, behavioral concerns, motor skills and speech.  Nonverbal children often find their voice and channels of expression through singing, dancing, playing an instrument, and listening to music.  The repetitive, rhythmic sounds and sensations create a soothing and safe environment for free expression.

MM offers annual grants to fund music therapy and instrument donations for individuals living with ASD and other learning differences.  Our goal is to relieve some of the financial burden families face and to make therapy resources readily available.  

We seek out and facilitate once-in-a-lifetime experiences for this community such as performing live with professional artists, recording in a state-of-the-art studio in Nashville, and red carpet treatment to attend special events.  

MM serves the following communities:

  • Children and young adults with ASD

  • Children with learning differences and development and social challenges

  • Children facing life-threatening illnesses 

  • At risk & inner city kids

  • Young adults transitioning to adults 

Make a Donation

The Music Movement is only as strong as those who support it. Every donation directly funds our programs that serve youth and adults living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and IDD (Intellectual Development Disorders).


WE LOVE MUSIC MOVEMENT! Every week they send a well trained music therapist to our home to train David and improve his musical talent. It has been life changing for our son and our family! I’ve donated. Please consider donate any amount today too.

- Heslei Fomin

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In the midst of this Global Pause, we paused to say a huge THANK YOU to you, your husband, associates, and to all Music Movement supporters. Our son turned 18 and has had major improvements in every area! Thank God for all diet, exercise, special school etc, but we know for sure Music is a key player in his live, and MM has been extremely important to his development as a young fruitful man in society. MM funded classes have helped him grow in his passion for the precious art of Music and develops his gifts. Thank you so much

- Heslei Fomin

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