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Honorary Founders Club Member


Garrett Miranda

10-05-1995 ~ 12-07-2020

Our Music Movement family is humbled and honored to celebrate the life of this incredible soul that passed far too early. Garrett lived with Aspergers and he lived his life to the very fullest. Music was his passion and he was an extremely talented musician. He was a songwriter, guitar and drums player; there wasn’t an instrument he couldn’t play with a vengeance and passion that lit up the world. The generous donations from his loving family and friends will directly fund our programs for the Autistic Community. Rest in sweet peace, Garrett and know we promise to honor your life with service through the gift of music. 



Garrett Miranda Skillfully Delivers Powerful Metal Core Music in his Recent Track ‘Spiritual Death’

Garrett Miranda Highlights his Name by Composing an Exciting Metal Music ‘Spiritual Death’

Garrett Miranda: Guitarist, drummer bassist and keyboardist

01 - The Last BlessingGarrett Miranda
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Thomas Lowell Steele

01-13-1959 ~ 10-7-2020

It is with a heavy heart that the Wireless Industry Family lost a treasured man last year. He cared deeply for the Music Movement mission and we are so touched to have received donations in his honor. 

Tom was born on January 13, 1959. As a child, he grew up on a farm, with 4 brothers and 5 sisters, where his love for farm animals, farming, and work ethic began. At the age of 14, he started his first job at his grandfather's horse farm and has carried on the tradition to his own farm baling hay with his grandchildren.

As a member of the senate of his Rock Island High School Class of 1977, his ability to lead others was evident. He started his entrepreneurship installing guard rails which eventually lead to creating the T. Steele Construction legacy in 1997. He will be remembered as a boss who deeply cared for his employees and treated everyone like family. He owned several businesses including Xcel Consultants, Steele's Farm, Steele's Pond, and many others. He was also a partner in B.S. Crane and QC Blasting and Coating. Describing Tom as a work-a-holic would be an understatement!

He was united in marriage to Wendy (Walker) Steele on April 13, 1997. Family meant everything to Tom and was just a way of life. He encouraged his 8 children to work hard, be honest, and live down the street.

As an AA mentor, Tom recently received his 30-year chip and was proud of this accomplishment. He truly believed in the AA program and everything it stood for. He recited the Serenity Prayer each night to bring peace, faith, and certainty to his heart.

Tom dedicated his life to family, work, and God. The way he died is just like the way he lived: Strong Like Bull.