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Music Movement is only as strong as those who support it. Every donation directly funds our programs that serve youth and adults living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and IDD (Intellectual Development Disorders). 

Founder and Builder's Club Members Enjoy:
  • Attend Exclusive Events Alongside Our Celebrity Ambassadors 

  • Change Lives

  • Influence Our Giving

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Ann Plasencia
Charlie Mischel
Clayton Funk
Mark Schuh
Ryan McBreen
Jon Hester
Emily Buttorff
Patrick Healey

Nancy & Ted Whyte

Blayne & Leslie McArthur

Bart Van Aardenne

Ken Caruso

Katy Zuch & April Ahrens

Rod Hanson

Paul Reddick

Todd Van Boxtel

Josh Reynolds

Current Founder's Club  Members

Dennis Kamp
Wendy & Alyssa Martinez
Roger Ketelsleger
Kathryn Miller
Robert Miller 
Eric & Trish Chase
Grant & Negeen Cooper
Lance & Nikki Herell

Jamie Harris

Jeffrey Clutter

Craig Frost

Johnny & Blair Crawford

Billy & Lacey Dawson

Jim & Sarah Tracy

Ryan Furginson

Allan Tantillo

Angelique Chamberlain

Pat Lien

Steven Nicley
Alex & Robyn Gellman
Robert & Alex Kodama
Richard Statler
Dan Piche
Craig Frost
Sue Frost

Robert Jystad

Bill & Stacie D'Agostino

Bill Sr & Mari D'Agostino

Chad Tuttle

Julia & Jon Putlik

Bob Istwan

Gary Williamson

Frank Scura

Bo Jones

Kent Becker

Kathy & Gary Miranda

Garrett Miranda

Anthony Capolino
Brian Baldwin
Philip Lochner
Tiffany Lochner
Scott Longhurst
Toni & Ken Caruso
Blair Osborne
Jeanette Evans
William Zarn

John Godlenberg

Chuck Hildebrant

Bill Burton

Kurt & Cynthia Bevacqua

Chad Tuttle

Kris Hoetzendorff

Mathew Willig

John Cahill

Chad Braran

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This program teaches so much more than cognitive function, social interaction, behavioral skills and music skills although we certainly benefit from all of those things.  It has also taught them determination, the reward of learning and patience with themselves.

April Copeland