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Music Movement Brings Big Broadway Surprise to Aspiring Teen Actor with Autism

Updated: Mar 16

Music Movement is dedicated to helping children and young adults with Autism and special needs improve their lives through music.

Broadway actor, Kelvin Moon Loh, recently gained a great deal of media attention when he spoke out in support of children with Autism attending the theater.

Music Movement decided to stand up with Kelvin and enter the debate, encouraging children with Autism to dream just as big as any other child.

In response, Music Movement sponsored a special Night on Broadway for Conor Tague, a teen with Autism interested in the arts.

Conor was chosen from a pool of candidates provided by Actionplay, a NYC-based nonprofit dedicated to providing children, teens and adults on the Autism spectrum equal access to education, arts and culture. Conor is one of Actionplay’s biggest Broadway enthusiasts, and not only has promising musical talents, but an extreme passion for musical theater...

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