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   Musical Instrument Donations, Music Lessons & Music Therapy   

One Heart, One Voice, One Talent At A Time

The Gould family has benefited from several donations crafted for the specific needs of their family.  We were able to offer financial support for various therapies, instrument donations as well as holiday celebrations with gifts for these deserving children.

Music Movement provides unique programs for instrument donations to individuals in the following communities:


  • Children and young adults with ASD

  • Children with learning differences and development and social challenges

  • Children facing life-threatening illnesses 

The impact of our donations reach across the nation

MM Giving Map.png

Make a Donation

The Music Movement is only as strong as those who support it. Every donation directly funds our programs that serve youth and adults living with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) and IDD (Intellectual Development Disorders).

Music Movement has been wonderful for my son William Jennings. Music is great teacher for those hard to reach. We are proud to be part of this Music Movement.

David Jennings

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